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Friday, July 7

Die New Rules

I had no ideas what the old ones where, but if you do not want to look like a idiot on Sunday read on:
New rules for World Cup final

Berlin - The World Cup final between Italy and France in Berlin's Olympic stadium on Sunday will follow a different format than four years as in Japan and South Korea with the removal of the golden goal rule.

The match will last a regulation 90 minutes, comprising two periods of 45 minutes, with an interval of 15 minutes in between.

If the sides are still level after 90 minutes, two 15-minute periods of extra time will then be played and if the teams still can't be separated the match will go to a penalty shoot-out.

Under the rules for penalty shoot-outs, five players from each team will take a spot kick alternately, the winner being the team that scores more.

If the sides are still level after five kicks, then the shoot-out goes into sudden death until a penalty is unmatched by the other team.


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