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Thursday, August 31

Die Music for getting out of bed on a sunday

Its time to beef up that music collection with something classy, something jazzy, something cool, something you can play in the background whilst going through you recipe books for a good duck recipe, something fun, something Norwegian. WHAT??
It's rediculous how many Scandinavian artists have made it to my music collection and I am not talking ABBA. It must be the cold up there.
Anyhoozy the copy and paste section for this must have album:
"An extremely young Norwegian-born singer-songwriter-guitarist-bandleader, Lerche has already exhibited a remarkably strong flair for sophisticated pop composition and a talent for witty lyrics. But by moving his previous preference for judiciously applied jazz inflections into the forefront, making the condiment into the main course, so to speak, he risks stepping into some awfully big shoes. His pleasantly reedy tenor voice sometimes surprises with distant, disembodied echoes of Mel Tormé or even a Chet Baker-esque croon around the edges and his aplomb as an instrumentalist remains notable."
Get that album and check his official site here


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