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Friday, August 11

Die Star that will not die

It's amazing what you can bang your big toe against if you wake up early enough. Steve Hofmeyer has a blog!! Now if you do not know who he is, then you are indeed a lucky person. He is the South African version of....mmmmmmm.... this is hard.....Take Kenny Rodgers, mix it up with George Micheal, sprinkle on some Hoff, add a dash of ceddar, now stir in some Bon Jovi (without the hair) and finish it off with Vanilla Ice. Yes, an embarrasment to a entire country.

His blog is called Steve se Spoeg Blok (Steve's Spitting Block). Why?Why is he holding his head up? Is he tired of spitting on his block? Or is he just tired of partying so hard, look at the effort to raise his head and crack us a smile. Thanks Steve. Go give one of our biggest stars your support.


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