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Thursday, May 12

Finally worked the damn thing out!

Tip for the day:
Never look directly at the sun!
Fortunately, there is no sun in Cape Town today!

Hope that you are all well? Hope to hook up this week-end, maybe a little Richmond Str get together, a nice roast! 60% chance of rain! Will work on Damon and let you all know!
Let me tell you all, working half days is the bomb....definitely the way to go!
Have a great Thursday and let's all hope that I become a little more creative over the next few


Blogger tom ato said...

Tip for the day:
We need a serious tutorial on how to creat "contributors" to die emmers.

Lets say tuesday morning 2am to 6am a four hour tutorial hosted by slammin jammin hisself at the jam jar? Jared to provide coffee and muffins?

11:02 AM

Blogger sera said...

ha ha... ja if u can keep awake till 2...tuesday aint no w/e, no tequila or jugie bombs allowed...thanks but i'd rather be all warm and cosy in my duvét enjoying a bit of la la land!!

4:26 PM


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