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Monday, May 9

One day the Pope became very ill. All the cardinals gathered in the Vatican to pray for him and brought with them the best doctor in the world. The doctor examined him for some time and when finished told the Cardinals of the Pope's condition."I have some Bad news and some Good news." The doctor said "The Bad news is the Pope has a very rare and very deadly desease. The good news is it can be cured with sex."The Cardinals didn't take the news very well. They didn't want the Pope to die but they knew he took an outh of celebacy. They decided to tell the Pope and have him decide.After telling the Pope his condition and the only way to cure it the Pope asked the Cardinals to leave the room for ten minutes while he thought about it. The Cardinals left and ten minutes returned for the Pope's answer."I've decided that for the sake of the church it is better if I were to live." The Pope said "I will have sex but we must keep it a secret.""What kind of woman shall we get your Holiness" One of the Cardinals said."I have four requirments for the woman. First she must be blind so that she cannot see who she is having sex with." said the Pope."Good idea." a Cardinal said."Secondly she must be deaf so that she cannot overhear who she is having sex with." the Pope continued."Makes sense" another Cardinal said."Thirdly she must be mute so if by some chance she finds out who she is having sex with she can't tell anyone.""Alright. And whats the last requirment?" a Cardinal asked.The Pope replied "Massive tits!"


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