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Friday, May 13

Friday and we are still sober

When time at the office weighs down to heavy, you can always escape to your speed boat and go save some Chickies. Yes people it is the Hoff Game (thanks Robert Clayton). Posted by Hello


The aim of the game is to pull a girl on-board. To do this, you need to throw the buoys at them. Click on the furthest bouy to the left, then click on David. the longer you hold the mouse button, the further the throw.
need to click on a new buoy after you've thrown one at a girl.
Before you press start, put your name in the field "Dein nickname

Any event, once it has occurred, can be made to appear inevitable by a competent historian.
Lee Simonson

Its going to be a loooooong Friday, keep it comming.

And just for the record, I know its important for SA rugby, but bugger it. I'm still supporting the Stormers tommorow.
GO THE STORMERS, you have to give it to a team that dresses to look like a brandewyn and Coke.

Keep fighting the good fight


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