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Thursday, May 19

Has anything great ever happened on a Thursday?

Its true, if you had to line up all the pantomime events that define our current frame of mind, the day that featured the least would be Thursday.
Except of course if you take the invention of the retina scan or the Battle of Bessies Rivier (which was more of a rock throwing competition).

Well all that has changed. Thursday is the new Wednesday. Rumor has it that the first teleport machine will go on sale on a Thursday and some enlightened fellows has put the date for the end of the world down to a Thursday. And today is the day of the discovery of the one-eyed Benoni Swamp Frog. Posted by Hello

This is about the time of the post when you realise that I have nothing of importance to say and I am just excersising my right to WAB (work avoidance behavior).
So with out further ado I bring you the daily message:

I don't want to achieve immortality through my work... I want to achieve it through not dying.
Woody Allen (1935 - )

and what would a Thursday be without your:
jeremiad(noun) [jer'·ah·MIE·ahd]
1. a long and mournful complaint; "Sera launches into a jeremiad against her late arrivals at every opportunity."

Do something great this Thursday, write it down and then compare it with the Something great that you are going to do next Thursday. I am going to get drunk on a container vessel myself.

Be good


Blogger sera said...

going blonde and getting drunk this thursday!! will have to see if i can match it next thursday...does advanced pilates count? should...

2:51 PM


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