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Monday, June 27


Your avid, yet fearless reporter recently undertook the task of investigating one of our very own contributor's new shop up in Jozie. Officially being the first Capetonian in her store did come as a suprising honour. (although you might hear different claims being shouted by Sera in the background, but she has no proof so just ignore her)
The Shop is called COAT and if I can quote one of the customers I overheard
" so elegant and stylish"
which is was.
Image hosted by
Here is the signature coat that you can find on the wall outside.

Image hosted by
And here is the lovely Spook herself teasing the camera

All the clothes are imported from Argentina which will guarantee you exclusivity on any little black number that you get from Coat. You can find this hidden treasure at 44 stanley Rd. Jozie. The same complex as the Colour bar. So if you are in the big ashtray go give it a gander.


Blogger sera said...

try as u might jammin....but aint NEVER gonna be the first capetonian to witness the spectacular Coat...keep dreamin'...

11:01 PM


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