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Tuesday, June 21

Nou is ek in Worcester of Wellington?

Hello my people.
To start I must say I think trashing the jandiemoron may be my new favourite past time!

Anyway back to me and my life...I have been offered a role as a design engineer for a company in Worcester the original home of the sauce and not nearly as close to Wellington as you may think. The 'city' is quaint and more like the a town but has a thousand year old cathedral so I guess they get to claim what they like.

Now the role doesn't quiet involve the design of aircraft but rather mining machinery.. scintillating I know but 8 months after graduation I actually just had to start working!!!The money is good and its just a six month contract so a good start in the Uk market. The bar job continues till the end of the weekend and although it hardly rolled in the money I met some fun people and generally a had a good time as one does when surrounded by alcohol and drunk people.

Well I fear will not make it to the winter olympics this year although I know my deft ability to place my foot in my mouth will be sorely missed. Well fans I can only promise to keep practising till next year.

Ben the Chicken ala can of lager is the business and will be doing my best to expose the culinary challenged brits to your genius ...or plagerism.
Hope you guys are all well and surviving the winter...I actually got sun burnt on sunday!! Kan jy dit nou oor vertel!


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