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Thursday, June 16


First up, thanks for the recipe Jammin. I did notice, however, that you referred to it as "gay", which is interesting in the context of Chad's assumptions (as fuelled by Mr J and myself).

Secondly, you guys have become nerds - and I am most certainly not talking about the N.E.R.D. variety either. Although I am incredibly impressed at the dexterity with which you nimbly navigate your way around contemporary information technology, I must admit that my rolling chortle whilst reading your posts has to do with the fact that I can't believe that I am actually friends with you people...... still...... OUT OF CHOICE!! (well, except for K & D-Mac, but that's a family matter). I trust that you acknowledge that you have all assumed cyber-alter egos, especially you streetfighting Mr J (Is that chisled beard an alignment of your cause with that of the true leader of all consonant pseudonymers, who so adeptly fulfilled his role as B(ad) A(ttitude) Baracus?) As for your our Virtual Vandalisers (Koos, Nick and Jan), is your mom also going to sue MJ?

Finally, because I don't want to waste your posting moments, I thought that you would be proud to know that my emails - it's what people who don't sit on the internet use to communicate (actually gives you a warning when there is a new message or EVENT - Like Olympics!!) - have been identified as "*** Possible Spam Mail Detected ***", and so... "I AM SPAM" (I am hoping to give Sean Penn a run for his money in the cyber sequel.)

'til next month... See you in the real world.


Blogger Slammin Jammin said...

Yes, Lindors, I still ahve no idea why you are spam

2:53 PM


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