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Monday, June 20

News from Buenos Aires

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"We have had a few adventures, and i now like to think of myself as quite an adventure-kind-of-girl....
we went to the Iguazu falls, which are situated on the border of brazil and argentina. they are really awesome, as there are walkways that actually go OVER some of the falls, THROUGH others etc. we caught a speedboat, that went through them at the bottom. So scary, and we got totally drenched, but great. We also went to stay at a ranch in the Pampas region of argentina, where the ´gauchos´ (cowboys) work. I finally rode a horse, as i have been wanting to for years, and can safely say that i won´t be doing that again. I was TERRIFIED!
and not to mention that my bum was so sore i couldn´t sit the next day! It was great to be in the countryside with a huge fireplace and loads of red wine though..."


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