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Wednesday, June 15


We have now reach new heights in the Geek world. Yes, a cyber fight. I mean come on.
This is what we are dealing with:

Nickdieprick: No? Well in that case F*ck JP ,Mr J, Jammin and all the other ladyboys on this piece of sh*t site.

And then

Koos die Doos: JP, you are a 1*beep*2. You see JP it is that simple.
Koos die Doos: Come now JP, if you remove the swearing restrictions on your tagboard you will reveal the truth. Run along now.

JP: Koos, uou are seriosly not welcome here, and mind your langauge, there are ladies present

Jandieman: Listen here idiots, we welcome anywhere..... P.S F*ck you

so we got in the big guns

mR J: Oh-And heres a random F*ck you for Jandieman. Here have another: F*ck off P*ES.

Jammin: And another one from me too, kiss my hairy ass Jan,

I can see some enormous personal growth here for all involved, but why so angry. So young and so angry. Well it all started when somebody posing as JP (his name might start with a J and end with a ammin) put words to the rumour that Jan and his crew where in fact just a figment of someone's imagination and that they really do not exist. Well they put up such a protest that they do exist (by using profanities that will make a sailor blush) that the natural conclution that one has to make is that they don't.
So there is no Jan, there is no Nick, there is no Koos, there is no problem.
Whatever they are, they are sick, just click on their name to go to their site (i warn you, its bad).

In other mews: as of 4 o'clock tonight you will be able to phone me again. But I lost all your numbers. I mean it all of them. So drop a brother a sms (with your name in it) so I can start from scratch.


Blogger Wezzo said...

As you may have noticed we have had an ongoing feud with Jan and his crew for ages. Right from when we started ChumpStyle The secret is to ignore the fuckers, they get bored and move on. They definately do exist though.

2:07 PM

Blogger Koos die Doos said...

Fuck off!!!

2:43 PM

Anonymous Mokopa said...

Yep, the buggers don't much like me either. They are rather amusing when they're angry though, it's like being back at pre-school (with the addition of a few choice extra words to the vocabulary).

2:15 PM


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