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Monday, June 27

Not so weekend roundup

Things to do on a Saturday morning if you find youself without a hangover:

  1. Go walk in the mountain

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I only have one thing on my list so far cause normal Saturday mornings it's just me, my couch, my regmaker and my cartoons. Any suggestions are welcome.

The wine urges me on, the bewitching wine, which sets even a wise man to singing and to laughing gently and rouses him up to dance and brings forth words which were better unspoken.
Homer (800 BC - 700 BC), The Odyssey

And thus I conclude my argument why Me, Kerry and Mr. J might have been found snoozing and spooning in the same single bed. Its that damn bewitching wine and a new invention called Brandetini (2 X brandewyn + 1 x Vermouth + 1 x drunk fool to drink it)


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