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Tuesday, July 12

The 1st Annual Franschoek Winter Olympics Weekend Roundup

Now that your fearless reporter has fully recovered from the madness of 48hours back to back drinking he can finally lay it all on the table, in sequence I might add.

The FWO Warmup
No olymipics would be deemed proper without the warmup. Unfortunately we burned the Vuvuzela on the stove the night before so no national anthem was heard. In this case it started with Rickety Bridge wine warm, where we managed to taste some 8 wines before we had to schoot over to the ruggers. Ruggers lost we decided that we where not nearly warm enough and took the party down to Chamonix and then up the hill to Deue Donnoiux .
Where the sunshine bounces off the valley like a buchu blitz bounces of mr. J's ability to hold his liquor.

After some further handstands and 4-man pushups, we where all ready to start with the first event.


You get 2 shots to get as close to the brandewyn bottle as possible which is about 15m from the tee-off.Some young new talent was awoken by this event of endurance and persition. (the Jammin comming out of nowhere to take fourth and Jacky almost killing a spectator). Mr. J did go on to win the thing, with Damon comming in a close second. Then on to the:

2. Orange eating and peeling

Using nothing but your wits, hands and mouth you have to peel and eat a count 56 Navel orange as fast as you can. Mr. J took the first prize again with 35secs and Sera can in dead last with 3 minutes and 45secs, this is not a event where you are supposed to be looking good while doing it, even though we all got sponsored with designer aprons .
3. Bubble blowing

Bubble blowing is indeed a very percise sport that can only be perfected by spending about 3 hours per day in the Benoni mall. The competition was to basically see who could blow the biggest most stylish Bubble. Keep in mind that this event only happend after a decent braai, and couple of good glasses of wine and a meal that will blow your socks of (bar the beer bread). As can be seen in the pictures there where some real pearlers here.

Now due to further elated celebrations there where no further events being held, except mabey -the fireball challenge, the "try to negotiate Jammin out of his double bed by using your olympics points" challenge, the kopskiet beer downing challenge, or the "best joke about a fridge" challenge. all of these where unofficial so we can all claim to be winners and yet also losers.

Here are some more random pics. Thanks to all, it was crazy baboon fighting good.


Blogger Rox said...

Okeeey. You appear to have left out Movie Trivia, or was that the shot of Mr J and female friend asleep on the couch?

8:16 PM

Blogger Slammin Jammin said...

Movie trivia was vetoed, thats why we had to have orange eating competion, thats the pope on the couch

12:33 PM

Blogger Rox said...

Oh right.

8:41 PM


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