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Wednesday, October 26

She's COMMING!!!!!

Got this little mail from a client about 2 days ago and I thought it it really applied to our lives aswell in some sense. I've put in brackets the changes that I would like to make:

To All D** Exporter Partners (DMer readers),

Just a quick note to tell you that D**'s main office ( DMer's main contributors) and most of South Florida (the Jam Jar) will be closed for business today ( Monday) due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Wilma (DMer Camping weekend). The wind is already howling outside my window (We all ready started buying booze) so it is only a matter of a few hours(3 days) before the big winds get here (the possy pitches their tents) and we lose power (ability to walk upright) and hopefully nothing else (our minds).

Sales will continue from our satelite offices in other states, ( it will look like they are making sense)but until this weather event is through, and the resultant damage (hangovers and unexplained injuries) is surveyed , the office will be closed. We hope to be back in business Tuesday, 25th October( Next week sometime).

Please keep all those in the hurricane target zone (the people downstream) in your thoughts.

Regards (rock on)


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