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Wednesday, November 9

Robbie Smobbie?

There has been allot of speculation by some hardcore mofo's that I happen to know saying things like:" Dude, going to Robbie is sooo gay." or "why friggin Robbie, i really am failing to see the point" or "Robbie smobbie" or "Listen here my guy, go to robbie, have fun, be the party, rock the pants off the bitch, but the day you see me there is the day they scatter my ashes over green point stadium"
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Why the hostility people?
I have never brought one of the brother's CD's, but I have a good good-time nose, and this is gonna be a good time. I can smell it like I can smell my morning coffee making itself. The man is a showman. And he happens to be pretty cool. Are you seriously telling me that you would turn down a backstage pass to rock with Mr. Williams. Hell friggin no. Are we forgetting:
"I can see it in your eyes you still despise the same old lies you heard the night before"
OK, mabey that was a bit gay, nevertheless. Tickets go on sale 19 November 9AM, no idea what the costs are, lets hope it doesnt turn the rest of November into a beans on toast month. do it for the show of the 2005, and PS: the place is gonna be laden with young beautiful robbie fans and hopefully by the end of the night, so would you.


Mon 10th Apr Durban ABSA Stadium
Thu 13th Apr Cape Town Greenpoint Stadium
Mon 17th Apr Pretoria Loftus Stadium

More info Here


Blogger sera said...

i don't know why any guy WOULDN'T wanna go, he's fuckin entertaining!! When's he actually playing? If i'm here, i'm in!!

10:22 AM


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