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Tuesday, November 29

Scared of the darkness

Hectic people, I am actually shaking in my boots. Today at 12:30 I would have finished my proverbial Matric Exam. Which for us working people mean that one massive presentation, meeting, review that can either make 2005 the best year ever or just leave a rancid taste in your mouth (like a bad gruerre) and so force you to booze your way to Christmas. Anyhoozy, what I am trying to say, regardless of what shots I get or give today, I will be head first into the silly season by early afternoon. So if anyone is free, I was thinking a bit o' Raddisson. That will go nicely with this absolutely magnificent day that Cape Town has thrown our way.

Looks whats new at your CD store.

Is the Darkness still cool? Do they still rock? I actually dont know. But, I think worthwhile a ear squeeze.


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