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Monday, January 9

I declare this posting season open

My oh my, can i do it, can i claim it. why not. This was the best holiday EVER.
I did not once see the inside of the medi clinic. Cape Town was not overly down trodden by foreigners ( folks from the land of Jozie, that includes you). The weather was sweet, the people were pleasant, the wine flowed, the wind gave us a gap from time to time and I am still on holiday for another week. Ha ha ha, this is only a office dummy run. Inside outside operation, checking the mails and so forth, and then Wednesday its back down to Kenton.

Old Boonie is working on a page full of holiday pics, and the Pope is working on a image overhaul, so keep that in mind, but as the heading has spoken, post away, my young contributors, post away.


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