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Thursday, December 8

Random carp on a hungover thuesday

Cool trucks


Antelope (v): to run off with your mother’s sister.
Assassination (n): an arrangement to meet a donkey.
Diarrhoea (n) a very unattractive bottom.
Dictator (n): hilariously shaped, edible tuber.
Diversion (n): Princess of Wales' version of the events that led to her divorce.
Dumpling (n): small lump of excrement.
Gastronome (n): small person prone to excess wind.
Hatchet (n): small, bird droppings that fall from the sky.
Headband (n):
top of the bill at a rock concert.
Hormone (n): the sound a prostitute makes when she's not been paid.
Hobnob (n): cooking accident often suffered by nudists.
Homophobe (n): strong dislike of The Simpsons.
Honeydew (n: women who regularly arrive late for appointments.
Laminate (v): to artificially inseminate a sheep.
Limpet (n): male who has trouble getting an erection.
Mantrap (n): sexual favour used by women to obtain money from men.
Mastiff (n): mass erections induced by watching pornography.
Menopause (n): break in conversation to allow men to get a word in edgeways
Minjita (n) (slang): an Indian lesbian
Misfit (n): an attractive young woman
Mislay (n): a brazen or promiscuous young woman.
Morbific (n): excessively violent
Negligent (n): cross-dresser.
Outage (n): process of exposing a Gay politician.
Propaganda (n): a wooden support for one-legged male geese.
Rectitude (n): Precise angle at which a rectal thermometer should be inserted.
Snuff box (n): slang term for a coffin.
Spade (n): Small surgical tool for removing ovaries.
Testator (n): a male who is constantly adjusting his genitalia
Titillate (n): delayed onset of female puberty
Vagrant: (n): confused insect
Willy-nilly (n): male who continually catches their penis in their zipper.
Losers need hats too

Newspaper from 1978, our folks really werent lying. More here


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