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Tuesday, December 13

DMer Roundup

Ok, so I am a bad friend. Big things have been happening to our Contributors and I have failed to mention it. So everybody, I A M S O R R Y!

I will do this cronologically as to not upset anybody.
  1. So on Saterday, Jace's longterm manwhore aka Noembie flies her down to Swizerland for a last minute impromtu ski weekend. He gets her up on a nice rocky outcrop and WHAM, whips out a ring. She obvoisly accepts. Congratz with some Pongraz from all and sundry here at DMers. Another smokin lady of the menu. Another hunk o' rooinek bites the bullet. Here's to a happy life together and when do we start sending in our CV's for bridemaids.

  1. Next up we have our very beautifull rockin' K-mac celebrating her $*th birthday. That was yesterday. May the wine flow with the speed of your husband's rapidly receding hairline. May your business be boomin, may you booty be shakin, may your flowers be bloomin and your husband be bakein. Big up Kerry, we all love you.

  1. Next up it looks like me and Mr. J is going to be homeless next year. We are looking at the last house this afternoon. Wish us luck, and to Cheer mr. J up, please go vote for him.

  1. And just in case I left anything out please just forgive me, I am male.


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