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Friday, February 3

The Blaire Bitch Project

Mr Burns had Smithers, Clinton had Monica and now George has Tony.

I realise this is hardly breaking news but now new footage, exclusive to Die Emmers, shows Tony preparing for his state visit to the White House. Here he is seen not practising his technique (I think he pretty much has it down plum by now, so to speak) but in fact, it is a stretching exercises to allow him to go down on the biggest dick in the world.

Yes, George I can see your emancipated ego swelling at the mere thought of confirmation that all things are bigger and better in Texas. One must just wonder if this giant dick isn’t merely the personification of your wars and foreign policy; big, expensive, messy (contaminated from sticking it where it doesn’t belong) and serving the sole purpose of self-gratification. Well that’s not entirely true as I suppose Daddy George gets off on it too. Which just goes to show even the Biggest Swinging Dick in the world is somebody’s bitch.


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