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Thursday, June 8

Die Best Kept Secret

Ever heard this:" Damn brother man, this fish is so fresh, it must have still be swimming this morning". No?, well I hear it all the time. That is because I found the best place to buy the most fantastic fish. It is called Cape Seafood Wholesalers. They have no counters, tills, credit card machines, shop assistants, nothing. Its basically a wharehouse that buys a great variety straight from the fishing boats and distibute them to most of Cape Town's top restaurants.

They take you to the cold room in the back where these massive creatures lie under a bed of ice. Personally I was looking for some tuna. The guy then showed me a tuna the size of a pig. Unbelieevable!!! I told him:" no buddy, i just need 1kg, for sushi night you know". It was no problem. He cut me my piece there and then. And just listen to the price. R50 per kg. It's true. Alternaticely you can go to Pick 'n Pay and pay about R150 per kg on a good day.

Don't try to find this place, you will get lost. It's in Paarden Eiland (dodge city) and the best way to get there is to phone Kevin at +2721 510 6276. You will never go anywhere else.


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