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Tuesday, June 6

Die Witpyp

Imagine this; in the 60's there was a commonly prescribed sleeping tablet sold around the world. But something was wrong, people became dependant. They realised that if you use the tablet with alcohol and dagga, it caused psycological and physical euphoria. Burglaries shot through the roof and the authorities had no choice but to ban it in most parts of the world because of its misuse. It's also one of the drug experiemented with by Wouter Basson ( and apparenty he later used it to create a drug laced tear gas).
What am I talking about? Mandrax aka Buttons to some of you. I have seen what it does to farm workers. Its scary. It turns these guys into Zombies. Its ridicilously cheap and easy to get - R30 (about $5) versus Crack that will cost you about R150 ($ 24). What is little known is that this drug is the most common drug used in South Africa. And apparently, very few other places. We use 80% of the world's production. And they make most of it in India and traffic it to us through North Africa. So once again a proudly South African product made more cheaply by other country's.


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