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Monday, June 5

Die other side of the Mountain

Not enough kudo's go to the Constantia Wine route. Cape Townians drive all the way to Stellies, when there are about 5 fantasic farms right under their noses. Plus/minus 20mins from everywhere. These where the first wine farms developed in the western cape, so the heritage is so thick you can choke on it. But its all good. Lieing close to the ocean give the soils a basic (as in basic versus acid) edge that the more inland winefarms do not have. This leads to great white wines.

Just take Cape Town's top selling white wine, the Buitenverwagten Buiten Blanc (or the BBB to the joburger's who cannot pronouce the dutch). You can buy it at a restaurant for roughly R90 to R130. On the farm you can pick it up for R36. Its a deal, its a friggin steal. (keep in mind that the rest of their selection does ges pretty steep, but you are definately worth it).

The area is breathtakingly beautifull and features some of the best restaurants that Cape Town has to offer. Perfect for a winter's summers day.


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