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Wednesday, July 12

Die Itchy Keyboard Finger

OK, so its winter, its cold, its miserable. All you want is some comfort, hugs, fireplaces, scarves and comfort food - meaning warm soups, stews, some oranges for health ect. Its that kind of season, so now have you ever wondered why Woolworths is promoting so much Ginger beer...
There is nothing wrong with ginger beer, but its more of a summer thing, nice cool refreshing yadda yadda. But they are building massive displays in stores around the country push the Ginger beer as hard as possible. At R26.95, real beer is cheaper.Why could this possible be?

I will tell you. Its the simple case of a itchy keyboard finger ( and this is true, i heard it from a reliable source this afternoon). Some bloke at Woolworths head office had to place a order for something like 100 000 sixpacks. Well due to a little typo he accidently ordered 1000 000, exactly one "0" too many. Now they are stuck with 10 times to many bottles of ginger beer on the wall and they expect the consumer just to buy it up. "we will build little towers and people will feel compelled to add it too their trolleys" .. I don't think so.


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