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Monday, July 10

Die P O T W 2

Yes, its only Monday and I am already throwing out a Pussy of the week. What happened was I released the information that the POTW is open to all contributors, so if you want to get it in you need to get up early (last thing we need is for Mr. J bad mouthing Zindane for the best damn chest-butt ever)
So here it is; the pussy of the week goes to whoever designed and signed off this piece of crap World Cup 2010 logo shit:
I don't how this came to be, but I know somewhere there was a room full of people going :"Whoo hoo, best logo ever (punch into the air). Can you feel it?!! Can you feel it?!!can you?"
My friggin maid can do better, look at that font- this is not a educational newspaper supplement. And that bushman (or whatever he is) was he hit by a truck? Is that his shin protruding through his knee, poor guy. And why, oh why did they have to chuck in the shape of Africa, I know, we could see it comming a mile away, its almost a given, but its right there in the name South AFRICA 2010, I think that folks can figure it out.
Blah, and now its going to be everywhere, all the time, in you face like a disease for the next 4 years. Nice, thank you guys, i am really looking forward to the future.


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