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Monday, May 23

Moira and Adam NYC

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Hey All
Ben has finally just taught me how to do this.

I am burried under a ton of presentations and readings, but really well otherwise. This picture is in honour of the momentous weekend occurring September 3rd 2005. Ben is coming to visit Adam and I in New York. I am so excited! I hope NY will survive the Backflip.

Holland is lovely, tulips and a little bit of sunshine every now and then. I wish we could get one or two South Africans here. Please come visit us!

Stella is doing well, fast becoming an impressive international lawyer of sorts. But of course WE ARE HOMESICK! It looks like I can only come home in April so... I will have to settle for Christmas in Cairo this year. Perhaps just a very secular festive season, it seems. At least it will be African.

Anyway hope you are well. Send me some Africa pictures please




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