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Thursday, June 16

The World Famous Can Can Chicken

Its true, Die Emmers's 1rst recipe ever. Its slightly gay, but since it's public holiday and business is slow here in the office I will take this oppurtunity to present to you one of the best damn recipes I have ever stumbled accross. I found it in one of those game hunting cookbooks for foreigners that pay through their nose to stay at 7 star game lodges and hunt giraffes or warthogs and go home and tell their friend how rough and wild Africa still is. All in all, terribly colonial.

1. Now the first step to the Can Can chicken, is to find yourself a beer (in a can of course).

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2. Take about 3 sips out of the can and then stuff the can with your favourite herbs and spices. A bay leaf is not a bad idea.

3. Shove the can up you chicken's ass and then cover the chicken with a good salt rub.Image hosted by

4. Now pop this badboy in the oven at about 200 degrees for 2,5 hours

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5. The wonder of this methon is that the beer now starts to boil and then the steam cooks the bird from the inside aswell, creating a very juicy chicken. Now take him out and be amazed.

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6. Cut up and serve, another trick is to have witnesses when you do this, people will be amazed and your culinary skills. A beer? a chicken? who would have thought it. Its friggin amazing.

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