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Tuesday, July 12

Smaak soos Kaapstad.

Hey guys

Had a bomb scare in Birmingham on Sat night! They evacuated the entire city centre (25-30 thousand people!), emptying all the pubs, clubs and hotels. Seriously people walking about in dressing gowns and towels. We also got evacuated from a bar and had to walk all the way around the city centre to get back to Nic's flat (which is in the city centre limits). Was like being in a movie with the whole city empty and helicopters flying over head. Didn't scare us though, having had all the training old Pagad provided back in CT. And in keeping with remembering the finer points of CT, I've included this lullaby for those who may need a car because they drive like shit and crash into the back of others! (Um... Talking about Jared in this case but can see why you may have thought it was you Ben)

Lullaby provided compliments of our friends in the Arab peninsula.

To be read without your two front teeth

Cape Flats Lullaby

Hush my laaitie, don't you cry Daddy's gonna steal you a GTi, And if that GTi don't Torque, Another GTi I will stalk. And if the stalking don't go too well, Daddy's gonna steal you a Caravelle And if that Caravelle makes some tricks, Daddy's gonna 'jack you a VR6. And if that VR6 won't fly, Daddy's gonna knock a BM from Umhlanga guy. And if that BM's sound is kwaai, Da Newlands cherries will go with you to elke braai! And if the cops ask why, Daddy will buy the docket from a Police spy! And if all these things still make you cry... Then you're not my laaitie ....... your mom mos told me a lie !!


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