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Tuesday, February 7

Mystery revealed

I love solving a good mystery, for years now (months actually) the avid DMer reader might have been wondering who a certain: " Fan of Mr. J" is. She has been hogging our tagboard wispering sweet nothings in mr. J's direction. We just always thought that it was one of the contributors fucking around.

Apparently we where wrong.
She exists and she made the big mistake of giving us her Thunderbolt City non du plume .
we will not give it to you (thats just plain mean) but we will give you a picture

well, mr J, this is what she needs you to be

Someone who loves me for who I am. Someone I can trust and who trusts me. He must not be too jealous. Someone who makes me laugh and who can talk to me for hours. Someone who is exciting and relaxed at the same time. Someone who has a clean disposition and is not sloppy. Someone who can't get enough of me and who I cannot breath without... A soul mate and best friend.

Mr. J you lady killer you


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