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Tuesday, February 7


Dear Slammin Jammin
My self loving is not the same anymore. No matter how hard I beat my brockwurst, I cannot seem to transport myself to that wonderfull world of scantly clad ladies riding on the most beautifull Nababeep sheep you have ever seen. I used to picture myself running my long finger's through that flowing wool. What am i saying? I mean I used to dream about these lovely girls, really not about the sheep. What must I do to put the spark back into my me-on-me action?

Dear JP

I believe that you have got to used to yourself. The element of mystery is gone between you and yourself. Especially now that Valentines day is around the corner you need to spark things up. Why not use the Handy-hand (pictured on the right). The handy hand is also availible in Sheep flavour to transport you back to your herding days in the northern Cape. It will give you the "i'm not touching me" feeling. If this doesn't work, try a whorehouse.

best regards
Agony Jammin

PS: you are a wanker


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