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Thursday, July 13

Die Team Superman

There is a grown man flying around with his underpants worn over his baby blue cat suit with some red leather boots to finish off his ensamble. You guessed it, its the mack daddy superhero - Superman. What always amased me was how nobody actually questioned his weirdness. A guy in pajamas fighting crime. The guy is such a strong concept that Hollywood can actually get away with throwing anything our way and we can bend our imaginations to the point where we believe that this way is the only plausible way.

Lets follow the Superman through time..
Here we have 50s Superman, he looks like your grandaddy on shore leave. Just look at the size of those undies, but he seems very pleased with himself indeed.

Here we have Christopher Reeve as the late 70s Superman. Actually brilliant casting. He's got the build, the look, just a pity that technology has not advanced enough to give him a cooler logo.

Then we had that crappy TV show called Louis and Clark. A romantic comedy about the strain on the relationship of having a supehero boyfriend. Please shoot me now. Women are never pleased, even when they are shagging the best the universe have to offer.

I do not know who this guy is, but he creeps me out.

Now we have this Calvin Klein model. Poor guy has to walk around in lumber jack shirts for the entire series. Mabey they will give him the suit on the final show. I don't know, i actually have not watched more than 20 minutes of Smallville. Realistically, how many weirdo's does this town have?

And that brings us to the lastest, Brandon Routh. Is it just me or is he a little bit skinny. That and he looks younger than the Smallville guy (who is still supposed to be in school). But I think he filled his red skinny's quite nicely in the end. Just look at that stare, now thats acting. One qeustion though, where does he keep his wallet?


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