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Tuesday, May 24


Well, my little mignons, I see that we have been very busy while I was up in the Big Ashtray catching up with that little friend of ours, Da Pongaz. He tells me that had he been the 43rd, that lion wouldn't have taken a single scalp and he'd be wrapped in its hide watching Desperate Housewives as we speak.

On the weird beard contest, I have footage of how far along it had come before it was shaven off on Satruday morning, upon request of the groom, before I took up the much revered position of groomsman. I am afraid that my friendship with Charlie (together with my spectacular sense of self when it comes to official wedding photography) took precedence. Be Cool.

Ben, we regret to inform you that your first application for Sunday Club has been rejected. Please try again.

Great to be back.

Your Lindors


Blogger Slammin Jammin said...

You know there will be some punishment for this behavoir, I'm thinking a drinking compo

11:05 AM


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