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Wednesday, July 13

The Cornerstone of any dinner party conversation

The original fridge joke:

Q: whats white and blue and sits in a tree?
A: a fridge with jeans on.

Not so original fridge Jokes:

Q: whats white with a red scarf and sits in a tree?
A: Rupert the fridge

Now you can see it go down hill from there:

Q:Whats black and white and hangs from the tree?
A: Batfridge

Q: Whats White and runs down the beach?
A: Fridge Buccanan

Q: Whats white, hot and will not give you action?
A: Fridget

Q: Whats white and has Clint Eastwood in it?
A: Fridges of Madison County

Q: Whats white and sucks your Blood?
A: a Freech

Q: Whats white and likes little boys?
A: Micheal Jackson

feel free to leave your own in the comment section


Blogger Wezzo said...

Q: How did the boy fall off his bike?
A: Someone threw a fridge at him.

2:04 PM

Anonymous Damien said...

What's black and cleans up the kitchen?

What's white, has a bionic jaw and is married to Brooke?

What's white and red and lies in the snow?
A clubbed baby seal

2:41 PM


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