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Wednesday, July 13


What the hell is the DDT? Well the pope is still working on our logo, (by the by Pope, pls design us a logo).
Its the bi-yearly DMer DeTox. Its when you you decide to stop using those things that make the weekend so much more worth living. Its when you decided:
"what the hell am I doing to my body, its time to only allowed natural healthy things into my temple"
Now there are 2 schools of thought when it comes to Detoxing:

  1. Kmac School of thought - NO: Booze, ciggies, weed, red meat, dairy, deep fried food stuffs, preservatives, long street boeries ect.
  2. Jammin school of thought - No booze, ciggies, full stop.

Well this bad boy is going on for 2 weeks - till 24th July. After which you will be rejuvinated, healthy and pure when you walk into that first bar to order back to back Tequilas and a pack of filter cigarettes.

DDT, dont do it for yourself, do for your children


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