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Friday, July 28

Die Birthday Smurfday

We have another Birthday Emmer on our hands today. Now its no secret that this one is my favourite DMer's (bar family, but lets not go there). She is a bit of a mystery in her own right; by day she is a mild mannered, sweet young glamour girl of the city, but then when you least expect it, without warning -the moon shifts into the right position -the winds do a U-turn -the birds quiver in their nests, why? Because they all know its time for her alter ego. The dancing queen of destruction, the malicoiusly beautifull, the lady that will party you to you knees ( see attached photo montage), the breathtaking, ESMARELDA

She recently returned from a whirl wind tour around the world and is now happily back in our beloved Cape Town and I believe that Cape Town is the lucky one.
May your day be riddled with nothing but wonder.
Happy happy happy Birthday

PS: Pete the Sheet ( above) has recovered and is living a happy life since he was danced to the ground.


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