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Monday, July 17

Die Spidey Chest

This is the new teaser poster for Spidey 3. Looks like he is wearing a reinforced metal grid around his costume this time. Might just be for effect though.
Now here is what you really should be looking for -Note the dark side creeping in on the left (blueish grey), thats the Evil Spidey taking over. You can also see the evil in the curved spider claws in the logo at the top left. Now its important to remember that true evil always goes for your logo first and then your costume and then when it's finshed with your overall "look" then it goes for things of secondary importance (like your soul). Its important for villany to look stylish.

by the by: is this still the suit that Peter parker supposedly made himself with his Grandmother's sowing machine? This boy has talents! Or does the Spidey sense make you slightly gay too?


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