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Friday, April 29

Daily Message

You don't get anything clean without getting something else dirty.
Cecil Baxter

Thursday, April 28

Now lets see if I can post a link

OK people, go to this site:

Saartjie, you must down load a program called:

for more info go to this article for details.

Only a few days left till the LAUNCH OF DIE EMMERS. Start baking those muffins.

Tom- here it is -SATSUMAS, you would think its funny that this is my first citrus picture ever Posted by Hello

Morning morning
As some of you foreigners might have realised, yesterday was Freedom Day here in Sunny SA. We where all lucky enough to attend the unveiling of the new and improved Bennet Pad. And we where also lucky enough to see the maiden voyage of the new Bennet Weber. And since Tomas has never braaied and he was the host, it destroyed the entire hierarchy of the braai, every young punk who has smelled a boerie before was there to take honours. Sorry, Damon and Jarod, but me and Brett kicked your asses. Go back to braai school.
But thanks Tom and Arrbokkie for a great day.
There is something BIG coming to the Emmers. Watch this space. Our technical committee is sorting out the last couple of snags.
YOUR DM citrus report.
Next week you can start moseying down to your local Auntie Woolies where your pick up Clementines and Navel Oranges. They are fresh of the tree and taste great
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Tuesday, April 26

Its a long hot road from Citrusdal to Cape town, and a young fella can easily lose his way, numerous distractions in his way. Posted by Hello

At This stage of the game I'm just messing about to see what the possibilities are, Its a friggin learning curve I tell you. But give a brother a chance.

The future


Hey Dude check it out, We have finally gone Global, think of the possibilities, think of the fame, think of Die Emmers full of possibilities and fame.