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Friday, July 29

Terror Suspect Revealed

Seen on a London subway shortly before terror bombings.
Coinkidink, i think not

Changes In the CBD

IT has moved to the 3rd of August, people. A couple of Emmers went to Carlyles last night to celebrate pay day and to do some pre CBD dinner research. It still rocks, still filled with beautifull people, and the food, ai Caramba, still bladdy fantastic. So as i mentioned its on the 3rd, thats the 3rd if you didnt get it. the 3rd now, on a Wednesday, in August, die GROENE, Druk hom!!!
See everybody there.

Thursday, July 28

The Changing Room

This is pretty cool, you design yourself, nose, afro ect. Get some stylin kit, and then watch yourself dance like you did last friday.

Look at that Jammin go...

Takes a while to load, but you're worth it
Check it!!!

the girl from ipanema

Tall and tan and young and lovely
The girl from Ipanema goes walking
And when she passes, each one she passes goes - ah

When she walks, she's like a samba
That swings so cool and sways so gentle
That when she passes, each one she passes goes - ooh

Its birthday time again!!!! Whoo hoo.

Happy Birthday Esmarelda

This lovely lady has been to busy trekking up and down South America to become a full-fledged DMer, but deep down we all know you as one of the originals.

There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.
George Santayana (1863 - 1952), Soliloquies in England, 1922

Have a fantastic bolamakisie Day

Our 'Weer Tanie'... ain't she cute !!

Our 'Weer Tanie' represents Cape Town's weather using data reported by CT International Airport. As the weather changes, so the graphic will also change. Daylight and the current moon phase are also displayed.
Therefore, the hotter it gets, the more clothes she takes off !!!

Ciao Bella!!

The WeatherPixie

Wednesday, July 27

World's Oldest Dildo Discovered

It's 28,000 years old and it was found in a German cave. "The prehistoric 'tool' was reassembled from 14 fragments of siltstone. Its life size suggests it may well have been used as a sex aid by its Ice Age makers."

Seems that there has always been some "independant women".

Useless invention of the day.

Ever had to go to a party and your favourite outfit was still wet? With the new Drymobile system your favourite outfit will be dry when you get there (Weather permitting).

Tuesday, July 26

Local Hero

No-one ever gives credit to the brave that feed our drunken children. They are there on the frontline, night after night, braving the elements (the elements chiefly being their average customer).

One of these brave men stand out above all the rest. He took the average side walk Boerewors stand and slowly grew into one of the most popular eateries that Long street has ever seen. I am indeed talking about Mohamad.
This hero studied cooking at the Bosnian School of Culinary Delights, fought in the Bosnian war, Captained a Cruise liner after which then he moved on to our sunny shores to do some extensive research into the design of the perfect Boerie. I think he did it.

These days you queue for about 30min to get your boerie. He’s got a 3 table display that will rival the Rio carnival and two lovely ladies helping him cope with the carnage of customers. Business seems to be good, really good, but ol Mohamad has not let it get to his head. He is still there every evening giving the stand his personal Mohamad magic.

I have personally done 3 back to back boeries and I am still very much alive. Go get one tonight.

Like Sheep-Shaggers to the slaughter...

The Venue: 13th floor akaThe Jam Jar.
Time: Saturday - 2pm.
Why: Rugby and Beer and BOERRRRIE.

What an Awesome day lay ahead, even though Friday night had left many our young hopefuls feeling like they'd had their balls licked through their mouths, slammin still managed to pull on a pair of oven mits and whip up a little something for the big game. With beer flowing like Gin and Tonic the game was under way. And what a game it was, with a final score that let little Georgie Gregan, well a little bit Pale.

Then we were off to the 19th floor for our much anticipated boerie. With Mr J and his trusty sidekick on fire detail, we all settled down to more celebratory drinks while discussing various current affairs, including suicide bombers and getting smoked while running to catch your train.
After fanatastic boerie and still licking the chilli sauce from our whiskers we headed down for some dessert. It was here that Babooned Boon took over and after my first sucessfull
"No-Hands-Bolomokisie" I was off to tackle a few lesbians, was it the green and gold i was wearing, guess we'll never know. Just when you thought there where no surprises left for the evening, I got back to the Jam Jar to find 2 of the most unlikely SPOONERS!
What an awesome time, thanks Jam Jar

Monday, July 25

How many blondes does it take to change a lightbulb??

And so here i sit in my flat of darkness...and I mean literally...and reflect on a typical day in the life of sera...well not THAT typical, but hear me out...

This morning I woke up all fresh and early and ready to start a new fresh week. I was on my way to a delightful monday morning reflexology session when suddenly I realised my car window was rolled down...I was thinking bloody hell sera how could you have NOT realised that when coming home last night?? When suddenly I realised that my car had been broken into...outside my bloody flat!! Next thing I saw they had ripped out my whole radio, and when to my sudden very hectic shock I opened the boot and realised they'd stolen my whole set of golf clubs excluding the 3 iron...the 3 iron?? Go figure?? And so the day began....

After police and insurance and pg bloody autoglass my day was pretty much over. Anyways so I'm feeling all sorry for myself so I decide I'm gonna make a nice dinner tonite, and relax and do some work...and sort some stuff out etc. So I came home from a long hard day, bitched to kate about about our cars and prepared dinner so when I got home from pilates later, I could just pop it in the oven. Anyways so I go to pilates and arrive home all rejuvenated. I put dinner in the oven, Will and Grace was on, I finally had time to check my email...yay life was good again! Firstly I decided to liven up my evening a lil creative inspiration...then I got all comfy at my desk and I realised the light bulb was missing from the light. So instead of being all lazy I decided to change it. Not knowing what size to use, I simply tried them one by one. I suppose I actually only tried one cos the second I put the second one in, it exploded and I was left in total darkness. F**k!! Anyways so after much plugging and unplugging and switching and climbing, I finally got the no for the caretaker...but alas off! F**k again!! I finally found the switch box downstairs...locked. How many times can I use the F word on die emmers??I phoned about 6 different electricians in the yrllow pages, all 24 hr hotlines...but no answer...until finally some oom and tannie kuiring in god knows where answered. They were actually really really sympathetic for me and tried to help...but the sad realisation sank in and here I am using up the last remaining battery power of my laptop to relay u all my very sad state of affairs.

I did however in the process meet 3 new neighbours...well they're not really new...but neighbours nonetheless. I learnt how to make sure the light is unplugged when trying to fit new bulbs into it...and I think I just might have managed to post the longest written blog in the history of die emmers. Sorry so long dudes...but what a day!!

If any of you are actually still reading this insanely long...and possibly boring... post, I wish u a fabulous week. May everything go your way!

Friday, July 22

DieEmmers in Dried Sage

Get your desktop pic here and be the envy of everyone in your office or your flat (sera).

Click. RightClick. Set as background.

Gone deeper underground

Mutha FM was'nt gone, it just moved onto the internet, so everybody can listen to it.
Fo' some background music fo' yo' Hoffertime.
Check it out

Its Friday...

And its hoffertime!!!

Thursday, July 21

Excuse me Mrs. Officer

Mr. J alerted me the this little number, it sounds pretty mad

Cuff'd Saturday, 30 July
City : Cape Town
Type : Party
Cost : Pre-sold VIP R50 / Pre-sold normal R30 / Normal door R40 / Normal VIP R60Doors Open : 9.00pmPlaynice Productions presents CUFF'D.
Here's how it works:
Guys will be handcuffed Girls will be given the keys to a mystery guy's handcuffs Guys need to find the girl with the right key Girls get to enjoy playing with defenseless guy FIRST COUPLE TO UNLOCK THE CUFFS GETS R500 BAR TAB AND 2 PLAYNICE WELCOME CARDS.

Loads of other attractions: Sexy bunny girls on the prowl police officers issuing shooter fines Playnice CD giveaways VIP ticket giveaways for the next Playnice party This is the first in a series of 3 very, very, very naughty productions from Playnice.... more

Girl, you'll be a woman soon

Our very own Ro has reached the tender age of 25. Is it too soon to start lying about your age Ro? Well keep living that Rockstar life on your island.

Someday we'll look back on this moment and plow into a parked car.
Evan Davis

Happy Happy Sister girl

Wednesday, July 20

Blogger Dinner - Home Town/Cape Town

ITS here!!! Been a long time coming, but that only means that its gonna be worth the wait.

Place: Carlyle's on Derry

The old school Cape Town possy where pretences are let down and tequilas are held up. Great food, good vibe and nice waitresses.
Date: 4th of August
Who: Some very important people and YOU!! (I will start bragging with the guess list closer to the time)
RSVP in the comments section

Buy your ex one...

The owners of the other contestants in this year's World's Ugliest Dog Contest may have thought their pooches had a chance - until they saw Sam. I'm going to have nightmares.The 14-year-old pedigreed Chinese crested recently won the Sonoma-Marin Fair contest for the third consecutive time.Surprise, surprise.

"He's so ugly even the judges recoiled when he was placed on the judging table", said his proud owner, Susie Lockheed, of Santa Barbara.

I hope this bad boy has been neutered.

Pooches: Cuddly

"I will definately call you back"

For those that know the internet like the road to their closest KFC, this is probally old news, but I am not saying this for you. I am saying this for the people like me who are yet to experience the wonder of Hello Peter .

Pick a problem, any problem that you might have with some South African company right now. I'm saying a problem with your Cell phone company, bank, supermarket ect. (Like your Cell C problem, sera) You write a little note of your complaint. They send a mail to that company and your little problem get solved before you even have time to say:" golly, that was fast."
People actually listen to Hello Peter cause they advertise who is helpfull and who is not.

Good stuff, hello Peter ,thanks Peter

Harry Potter can wait

Since we are all flogging culture this morning, I might aswell throw in my little 18cents.

GO and read The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts by Louis De Bernieres
Old Tom ato gave it me to read and I suffered some serios lack of sleep because of it. Page turner of note.

And now for the synopsis:
With The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts Louis de Bernières's sardonic pen has concocted a spicy olla podrida of a novel, set in a fictitious Latin American country, with all the tragedy, ribaldry and humour Bernières can muster from a debauched military, a clueless oligarchy and an unconventional band of guerrillas. There's a plague of laughing, a flood of magical cats and a torture-happy colonel. The cities, villages, politics and discourse are an inspired amalgam of Latin Americana, but the comedy, horror, adventure and vibrant individuals are pure de Bernières.

Thanks Tom, where have you been by the by?

Tuesday, July 19


Guys u have to go check this out. It's really really good! If u think it's just "one of those" kinda films u are seriously wrong. The acting is suburb, the setting, so african, but yet its so real and quite hardcore. It's hectic, but definitely a 5 out of 5 must-see!!

Hope the week is treating u all well...

Get yours here

NEW DMer revealed

Since I have received numerous death threats, i have decided that the time has come to reveal our mystery new contributor.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you the
He likes tight fitting clothing, walks on the beach, wearing headbands, lesbians, waltzing to rock music, wrestling with carpets, 4 X4ing, your sister, Sobeit, beard growing, married women, detoxing and people that are nice to small animals.
Image hosted by
We expect great things from you Boonie, dont let the team down

We still feel the same way

To Jan, Koos and Niek

Monday, July 18

The BOERIE for the people

YES, as mentioned earlier it is Madiba's b-day and I though it would be a good idea to do something to make South Africa (and most probally, the world) a better place.

There is a ancient mythlogical document that has been passed down from father to son for the last 300 years (some have traced it back to the times of Kubla Khan). Some people have called this document the backbone of modern day South African society. It has prevented wars, saved dinner parties and has given a sense of purpose to numerous lost souls.
You guessed it.
I am talking about the
The Braai Official Executive Rules In English.

What is it?:
It is the official braai rules. In black and white. Braai definitions. Braai master designations. Salad making protocol, braai spectator ettiqette. The works.

I do not know how to make it downloadable by you straight from this website.

Drop me a e-mail, and i will mail you back with the B.O.E.R.I.E. attached.

This here is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity. and its FREE. Just think about it. Next time you are braaiing, you just whip out your B.O.E.R.I.E and you'd automatically be the coolest dude.

Monday Round Up

As Mondays go, i am probally the freshest banana on the bunch, even though I feel like a mouldy rusk. But then all you Sunday Clubbers where probally expecting it.

There is some Monday business to take care of.

  1. We have a new DMer. Yay. Now before all you old school Emmers go up in arms about how I can sommer get a new contributor without your permission yadda yadda ect. My qeustion to you is:" What have you done for your blog lately." the answer is:" not much." Well, this new fella (and in the name of suspence I will not reveal his identity until its official) has promised to help with the new DMer overhaul face lift as well as posting some interesting tidbits from his rockstar lifestyle. He will be a asset.

  1. Then to celebrate Madiba's birthday DMers has got a present for it loyal readers. More on that later.

Saturday, July 16

One to show the grandchildren....

Is it a bird?, is it a plane?


Its The Jammin. Drunk. Riding an escalator handrail. Like a pony. Wearing a dinner jacket.

Friday, July 15

When to stop drinking:

When your Brandewyn does this.

Happy weekend folks

Post Secret

If you have a gap today, please go have a look at this blog. Tts is quite harrowing. People send them anonamous homemade postcards with their secrets on. Some are quite shocking. But it makes you feel that life is not that shit after all.
Go check it out

Here are some lighter ones:

thank Cool Hunting

It's a start

It needs alot of work.
Looks a bit shitty when its so small.



And I'm off to Franschoek for my old man's birthday.
Two weekends in a row.
My liver is fighting with me.

Thursday, July 14

The Legend of Bullshit Crap: Part 2

Here is Jeanettes heartfelt reply:

Its Poetry.

Hi Jerad thanks for wages and let me know when to get it. There is your R4 change from the washing.

Hi Ben there is your R5 I used for extra drying your washing. Sorry – I did not notice that is going to put me into hell to be Bullshit crap. You left the money for washing in three weeks back. The day I used your R5 was last of last week when Jerad live washing money last week he was here and gave me the washing money and today he left the washing money. I don’t know the wages you said you gave me - I’m not going to use your money in ever and a bullshit crap is somebody whom you cant live here in your house. I might be your mothers age or older to call me your Bullshit crap my son and daughter never call me like that. Thanks very much for calling me a bullshit crap. N.B. when ever you going to leave some money for washing or any money which is going to be used buy my hands do me a fiver leave it on the kitchen counter the Jerad can also see it there is my number if you need to talk to me 0721530*** and the money must be left on the counter on the wedsneday befor I come.


So these days ths Jammin comes home to a pile of crumpled socks and jocks... While mine are lovingly ironed, folded, colour coded and perfectly packed away. Oh, and she told me I dont have to bother buying cloths for cleaning the toilet anymore......

Bob's very own website

Bob during his training days in Europe

Dear Comrades
After the recent spate of biased and mischievous reporting by the colonialist foreign press, I have ultimately decided to reveal to you, the honest and hard-working citizens of Zimbabwe, a little more of Mugabe - The Man.
I know you love your leader as much as you love your country. I know you deserve to see what kind of man I am. To those of you that already know me, this will simply be a joyous refresher of your cherished memories of me. To those with the still unfulfilled desire to know me better, I welcome you to an intimate glimpse of Mugabe - The Man.


Ermmm forgot to say thanks to The pirate

Wednesday, July 13

The Legend of Bullshit Crap...Part one

Where do I start. The reply to this note is a real keeper. The Jammin, not wanting me to think he was sponging of my washing money, left this reply to a note the maid left him.

The letter is typed out Verbatim for your reading pleasure:

Jeanette (the maid) wrote, to Ben:

"Hi Ben the silver R5 Rand was on your music, I add it to Jerad washing money to do yours Thanks, Jeanette."

Ben wrote a note to me, on the same paper:

"Bullshit, I put R16 on top of your cash, she is full of crap."

Our Janet liked this about as much as a poke in the eye with a blunt stick. Will post her reply tomorrow. Its fantastic. No really. Its really great. Like finding R200 in your jeanpant at the end of the month when you are broke. On a friday. Ok maybe not that great. But still worth a mention.


Mr J

Coming Soon....

Ladies and Gentelman!

As promised,


the long awaited arrival of :

The Legend of Bullshit Crap

A tale of cruelty, passion, triumph of the human spirit and dirty socks.

Watch this space...

So hot right now

The Cornerstone of any dinner party conversation

The original fridge joke:

Q: whats white and blue and sits in a tree?
A: a fridge with jeans on.

Not so original fridge Jokes:

Q: whats white with a red scarf and sits in a tree?
A: Rupert the fridge

Now you can see it go down hill from there:

Q:Whats black and white and hangs from the tree?
A: Batfridge

Q: Whats White and runs down the beach?
A: Fridge Buccanan

Q: Whats white, hot and will not give you action?
A: Fridget

Q: Whats white and has Clint Eastwood in it?
A: Fridges of Madison County

Q: Whats white and sucks your Blood?
A: a Freech

Q: Whats white and likes little boys?
A: Micheal Jackson

feel free to leave your own in the comment section


What the hell is the DDT? Well the pope is still working on our logo, (by the by Pope, pls design us a logo).
Its the bi-yearly DMer DeTox. Its when you you decide to stop using those things that make the weekend so much more worth living. Its when you decided:
"what the hell am I doing to my body, its time to only allowed natural healthy things into my temple"
Now there are 2 schools of thought when it comes to Detoxing:

  1. Kmac School of thought - NO: Booze, ciggies, weed, red meat, dairy, deep fried food stuffs, preservatives, long street boeries ect.
  2. Jammin school of thought - No booze, ciggies, full stop.

Well this bad boy is going on for 2 weeks - till 24th July. After which you will be rejuvinated, healthy and pure when you walk into that first bar to order back to back Tequilas and a pack of filter cigarettes.

DDT, dont do it for yourself, do for your children

War of the worlds

A good night out, there are times when I almost crap myself. A DMer 7/10, but for a half decent review go to Splattermail

Tuesday, July 12

Smaak soos Kaapstad.

Hey guys

Had a bomb scare in Birmingham on Sat night! They evacuated the entire city centre (25-30 thousand people!), emptying all the pubs, clubs and hotels. Seriously people walking about in dressing gowns and towels. We also got evacuated from a bar and had to walk all the way around the city centre to get back to Nic's flat (which is in the city centre limits). Was like being in a movie with the whole city empty and helicopters flying over head. Didn't scare us though, having had all the training old Pagad provided back in CT. And in keeping with remembering the finer points of CT, I've included this lullaby for those who may need a car because they drive like shit and crash into the back of others! (Um... Talking about Jared in this case but can see why you may have thought it was you Ben)

Lullaby provided compliments of our friends in the Arab peninsula.

To be read without your two front teeth

Cape Flats Lullaby

Hush my laaitie, don't you cry Daddy's gonna steal you a GTi, And if that GTi don't Torque, Another GTi I will stalk. And if the stalking don't go too well, Daddy's gonna steal you a Caravelle And if that Caravelle makes some tricks, Daddy's gonna 'jack you a VR6. And if that VR6 won't fly, Daddy's gonna knock a BM from Umhlanga guy. And if that BM's sound is kwaai, Da Newlands cherries will go with you to elke braai! And if the cops ask why, Daddy will buy the docket from a Police spy! And if all these things still make you cry... Then you're not my laaitie ....... your mom mos told me a lie !!

The 1st Annual Franschoek Winter Olympics Weekend Roundup

Now that your fearless reporter has fully recovered from the madness of 48hours back to back drinking he can finally lay it all on the table, in sequence I might add.

The FWO Warmup
No olymipics would be deemed proper without the warmup. Unfortunately we burned the Vuvuzela on the stove the night before so no national anthem was heard. In this case it started with Rickety Bridge wine warm, where we managed to taste some 8 wines before we had to schoot over to the ruggers. Ruggers lost we decided that we where not nearly warm enough and took the party down to Chamonix and then up the hill to Deue Donnoiux .
Where the sunshine bounces off the valley like a buchu blitz bounces of mr. J's ability to hold his liquor.

After some further handstands and 4-man pushups, we where all ready to start with the first event.


You get 2 shots to get as close to the brandewyn bottle as possible which is about 15m from the tee-off.Some young new talent was awoken by this event of endurance and persition. (the Jammin comming out of nowhere to take fourth and Jacky almost killing a spectator). Mr. J did go on to win the thing, with Damon comming in a close second. Then on to the:

2. Orange eating and peeling

Using nothing but your wits, hands and mouth you have to peel and eat a count 56 Navel orange as fast as you can. Mr. J took the first prize again with 35secs and Sera can in dead last with 3 minutes and 45secs, this is not a event where you are supposed to be looking good while doing it, even though we all got sponsored with designer aprons .
3. Bubble blowing

Bubble blowing is indeed a very percise sport that can only be perfected by spending about 3 hours per day in the Benoni mall. The competition was to basically see who could blow the biggest most stylish Bubble. Keep in mind that this event only happend after a decent braai, and couple of good glasses of wine and a meal that will blow your socks of (bar the beer bread). As can be seen in the pictures there where some real pearlers here.

Now due to further elated celebrations there where no further events being held, except mabey -the fireball challenge, the "try to negotiate Jammin out of his double bed by using your olympics points" challenge, the kopskiet beer downing challenge, or the "best joke about a fridge" challenge. all of these where unofficial so we can all claim to be winners and yet also losers.

Here are some more random pics. Thanks to all, it was crazy baboon fighting good.

Monday, July 11

The super pout

Just a little something to entertain you till the big FWO exposê.
More gallery of the absurd here

FWO roundup prosponed

Due to the emence Physical and Mental strain experiences by all the participents of the Francshoek Winter Olympics I will only be able to give a full report back once i have grown my brain back and have efficent memory to recount the play by plays. Not trying to create suspence, but I am only human after all.

All I can tell you thus far is that this handsome brother on the left won the gold, (other results on the right).

Friday, July 8

The Office

I am writing this from work (over several days) despite the fact that I have not been given access to e-mail or the world wide web…hah I laugh at the minions attempt to stop me from wasting company time and spit in their general direction.

So I’m one week into my role as a contracting design engineer with a multi-national engineering firm and have to admit surprisingly little has happened!! I get given work and then pretty much get left alone. I think that somehow a rumour got circulated that I actually know what I’m doing…well no point dispelling that now. Was shown around the office, which consists of a corridor about fifty meters long by 10 wide with desks, people and computers shoved down either side. There are about 45 people in the office of which I know maybe four to say hello to and that’s it!! A truly bizarre situation.

So am I on the road to becoming a world leader in the design and manufacture of long wall armoured face conveyors? Probably not but I do have some pretty nifty perks as a contractor. I am allowed to work as many hours a week as I like all at a set hourly rate so I get to pretty much write my own pay check depending on how energetic I’m feeling. I only have to work a minimum of 37 Hrs a week (I remember spending more time in school!) and may do so in however many days I like. So 9hrs 15min a day Mon-Thurs and Friday is all mine!! Pity there’s no beach to go to though…or the weather to encourage that sort of behaviour.

I have moved into a house share with seven other people, six of them girls! We have two nurses, two teachers, a firemaness (well she does admin at the firestation) and one that’s yet to move in but already we are seeing the uniform potential here, no? Suppose I’m going to have to get me a hard hat and some overalls now! The other guy is cool and used to be a race driver and now has a couple of start-up ventures going related to racing cars and is going out the firemanness. The house is old school England and really (by UK standards) big. It is also only five, maybe ten with a hangover, minutes walk from the ‘city’ centre and about twenty pubs…hmmm think I may just fit in here.

Have just been invited to the pub for lunch by an unknown from the far side of the corridor…not alone obviously so maybe get to meet some relatively interesting people over a curry and a pint which they don’t mind you doing as long as you don’t return sloshed! Know your limit I was told and I could do it every day! Yet I don’t get fucking internet access?…? Go figure.

Exciting times in England!! Wednesday they win the Olympic games for 2012 and the very next day the bombs on the London underground!!! Just to let you all know I am safe and sound in the world of the Worcester sauce…nothing that exciting happens out this here.
Well time for the weekend!! Hope you all have a great one planned.

Customer Complaint

Being in the fruit game, i get my fair share of customer complaints, but this morning I got handed a small handwritten note on personalised stationary that read:

Kindly ask the farmer who produced these sweet, soft flesh, intense citrus flavour Mandarins, to shove them up his aarse. They are apalling.
With love

Now that just made my day, I should probally give the old bag a call.

Thursday, July 7

Lesbionics part 2

Sorry, since my post on lesbians this morning I have learnered something new from a collage. There are apparently two types of Lesbians. Those who wear strappy dresses and those who wear t-shirts. The ones I interviewed wear the first type and they are the only ones that employ the school of thought I expressed. My most sincerest apologies to all the dykes I have offended.

Coming to a Woolies this summer